What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a fancy keyword we all used to sound brainy and brilliant in any meeting whether it’s corporate or personal. Is it an absolute deal or real fact?

Above it, the important question is – What is Digital Marketing?

This digital marketing tutorial will give you better clarification on its meaning, digital marketing types and many more.

The term ‘Digital Marketing’ gain popularity in the 2000s but actually it came into existence many years before.

Years before means around 100 years.

Look at the image of the very first digital marketer.


(Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

His full name – Guglielmo Giovanni Maria Marconi.

Amazed? Marconi?

Yeah. He was the first person to establish a “public transmission of wireless signals” in the year 1896.

This guy also invented radio.

In England, Morse signals were broadcast soon after his establishment across open water.

As radio would require another 10 years to make its arrival to the common people, it was clear with the founders that they can use it to trade different stuff.

Did you know? The first-ever live broadcast was in Opera performance at the Met. Imagine how the public acts after it?

People purchased the tickets for the show!

Digital Marketing was born.

I am sure you are stunned. Here I did not say anything about facebook campaigns, ads, mobile phones, and apps.

The reason being the digital marketing is not concerned with the internet.

Know more about What is Digital Marketing

If you are marveling what is the meaning of digital marketing? Digital Marketing means the transfer of advertising through various digital pathways. Basically, Pathways means email, Facebook, websites, search engines, mobile applications.

Or is an easier term

Digital Marketing is the trading of different types of goods and services through electronic devices.

Due to the reason that electronics have been there for a long time and why it doesn’t certainly relate to internet marketing, social media & content marketing.

Digital Marketing is further divided into online and offline marketing.

Both of them are a crucial part of an excellent digital marketing strategy.

Significance of digital marketing

Recognize billboards?

Absolutely I remember.

While traveling I see many billboards passing behind.

Many times big brands give competition to each other by billboard war. I saw a spirit of competition between big automobile brands like Audi and BMW.

It was so famous in the year 2015, that individuals spent a lot of money on it.

But now it is no longer alive

Just consider it in the same manner; Facebook and Google generate high revenue as compare to any other orthodox companies, as they grab more attention. This is the reason why digital marketing is necessary; it is the place where the focus is.

The image of Volvo gives a clear understanding of the reason why billboards do not exist now.

Honestly, the coming time of driving will appear like this only.


(Photo Credit: goodshoutmedia)

Not even one individual will like to waste his time viewing the road while driving.

Next time while driving with your friend or family, just look at the passenger seat for a moment.

There are high possibilities as they are busy with their phones.

Surprisingly, today where almost 9% of drivers use their mobile phones for calling and messaging while driving, how one can assume that billboard has a future.

If drivers are not interested in looking at the road and busy with their mobile phones then who are likely to view those kinds of promotions or advertisements?

It doesn’t take into account the self-driving cars also. Both Google and Apple are performing on it.

As per Elon Musk, it will happen in the coming years.

So it is clear you don’t have enough time to find out the digital marketing materials before the shutdown of your shop.

The portion of individuals consuming extra time on electronic devices rises from here only.

On each day, Americans spend more than 11 hours on electronic devices; there is hardly extra time left. But it continues until we use all our time in the digital era.

And true, only because of online marketing, 25 years old adult spending most of it time by sitting in their homes and make millions. Offline Marketing is still there.

Let’s have a quick overview of all.


Digital Marketing has two branches offline marketing and online marketing. Now I will give you more information on the various sectors of online marketing.

Seven Branches of Online Marketing are:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • PPC Advertising
  • Email Marketing

An outstanding informational infographic created by Unbounce describing all seven branches of online marketing.


(Photo Credit: Unbounce)

Quick Sprout is the best site offers tutorials on online marketing for beginners.

If you think about if other digital marketing is there? There is enough.

Check out the four important types of Digital Offline Marketing.

Firstly there is enhanced offline marketing. This marketing is purely offline, however, connected with electronic devices.

Let suppose, if a hotel used mobile phones to generate orders, then undoubtedly the offline experience is connected with the electronic devices.

Individuals have been using digital media for a long time to embellish their marketing.


(Photo Credit: Lockncharge)

Next in the row is Radio Marketing. Next time when you listen to an irritating, car dealer screaming each word of his concerns business, Thank You, Mr. Marconi.

And yes, how we forget about Television Marketing. Television (TV) advertisement has been in existence from half-century (and from 1953, it is also in color).

Last but not least, phone marketing. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors of offline marketing with a lot of failures.

Have a look at these four areas with more details.

1) Enhanced Offline Marketing

Have you found any difference between the billboard in Arizona’s Desert and the one in New York City’s Times Square?

The area? The product?

Three alphabets: LED (Light-emitting diodes).

In Times Square all the billboards are electronic.


(Photo Credit: Adweek)

Why? It is because as in the area like Arizona Desert, there is no one who is contesting with you to grab people’s attention. Only you need is a billboard and the game is in your hand.

But, in the case of Time Square, people’s attention is very important as an average of 330000 people cross it on a daily basis.


(Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

If you need to be diverted, then there are taxis & promoters screaming and then there are electronic billboards too.

Out of them, some billboards are correlative, display live feeds and images of its customers also.

If you want your billboards to be a part of Times Square space, it may cost you a large amount, $1,000,000 to $4,000,000.

Seems Costly? Hold on till you know the cost of Super Bowl commercial.

What are the other things that improve online marketing?

What you view first when entering into Apple store nowadays?

Individuals show their interest in iPhone, and Mac books.

For any kind of electronic product, a product trial is necessary under the digital marketing strategy.

Alright, so the other one is a great one. If you recognize this; you can acknowledge yourself as one of the luckiest kids.


(Photo Credit: Silenthill)

Above is the original demo disc from Playstation and many of them are given to other games and to magazines also.

These were similar to the PC magazines. Previously they came along with CDs (and later DVDs). Remember you could not hang on to put all of them in the disk drive and view what samples they had. These are product samples in digital format. They are unlike demo.

Nowadays, this is already in fashion. Consider all want to be rappers and rockstars in your location, provides you mixtapes and CD, currently USD stick to listen to their music.

Okay, it’s a time to have a look at the digital marketing category which is there for a very long time.

2) Radio Marketing

More than 100 years have passed for Opera live performance at the Met and believe what – radio is still here.

Interesting Facts about Radio

  • Radio has its weekly reach of 85% (in case of US population)
  • On average for 2 hours, the audience listens to it.
  • Approx 40% of radio advertisement comes directly from the US.

Although the profit has decreased but the radio is still there. All thanks to Pandora’s. It has approx 80 million users right now who make profits of $4 billion yearly.

Nowadays, internet radio made excellent progress. Like Podcasts, they advertise at the starting of the show.

If you anchor an event on a specific topic like training, you can connect products in, right before starting and the end of an event.

As social media is marketing sweetheart these days, it is not difficult to search local radio stations, get an event, interrogate or discuss a deal with them.

Once complete, be confident to get few sponsorships, assured that you are the best aspirant for the radio station so that they will give you the popular slot and the best on air time.

It is clear if you do well on the radio that means you are entertaining.

Dairy Queen and Cadillac are the excellent brands that top the radio commercials consistently.

3) TV Marketing

TV marketing is very giant. It will never go away. A lot of money has been spend on TV marketing every year.

From the time, like Google video changes into YouTube, the performance of TV falls down rapidly.

Why TV commercials have no use when Americans watch TV on average of 4 hours a day.

They are not particular.

TV Ads are undefined. In the era of search engines, email marketing, social media and retargeting, we are always concerned about the marketing of the products, which we already cared about. We openly neglect everything that is not beneficial to us.

It also becomes inconvenient for us to watch a movie on TV, as currently, it is not on Netflix, than what we do in this case.

We will store it.

Marketers have to be intelligent and gentle.

TV Commercial works amazingly across the board.

You have seen the Oreo ad and a burger spot ad; they are being diabetic and 22 years old.

These persons would be a disgusting target to see these kinds of ads. But through TV it is impossible to justify who you are going to reach; it is only how many looks you get.

Currently, there is only one kind of TV ad that continues.

Recognize I above write about renting a billboard on time square, you will get back a million?

Commercial seen on Super Bowl costs $4.5 million, with a duration of 60 seconds.

Approx 10%of all TV commercial shares on social media arrive from the Super Bowl.

If your commercial ad has been blocked or blacklisted from showing on TV, its consequences are very bad. This same happens in the case of Carl’s Junior that creates a lot of buzz this year.


The retention rate of super bowl commercials are very high. Nearly half of the players remembered the Puppy Love” commercial of Budweiser.

Additionally, these commercials become very popular in generating millions of views only, like Star Wars commercials.

Star War Commercials able to generate approx 62 million views till now.


Unhappily, the extensive publicity of the Super Bowl commercials is more for the rest that’s about to vanish.

Companies worldwide spend about $200 billion yearly on TV commercials is hardly acceptable, as every 10 individuals on the US is on Netflix and this counting is still increasing.

TV is going to finish.

So, if you like to plan your offline digital marketing, then I would recommend utilizing your time and money on marketing platform as given:

4) Phone Marketing

Still, we don’t appreciate it or we give no importance to it.

Smartphones are in trend now.

Presently, approx 80% of internet users use Smartphone and 2014 is the turning point where most of the individuals prefer to use the internet through their mobile phones than a laptop or PC.

Mobile marketing dominant the industry and in the year 2016, the total amount spent on mobile ads are far more as compare to desktop ads.

In 2020, the amount spent on mobile ads will be like the amount spent on TV advertising. Really a very fast growth.

Before understanding the various types of phone marketing, let have a look at offline ways for marketing products.

In phone whether it is smart or not, there are two applications that are always underrated:

Calling and Messaging

Cold Calling means to call anyone randomly with the objective of selling them something.

Nearly there must be nearly 3 sales per day (marketers contact 52 people in a day until they don’t find a customer), it does not have the adaptability of social media or email, and still, it is the right approach for marketing.

This tactic is good, but it doesn’t work well when selling to end customers (B2C) and getting in touch prior selling helps in closing the deal (mostly in B2B cases, which is about connections only).

What works good is marketing via messaging, it is an ‘application’ that is present in each and every phone.

A text message is mostly an insured read, online or offline.

While the MMS has started after the internet become available and phone data usage cost is minimum, text or messages are a good way to communicate with several individuals and bring worth in 160 characters or less.

Although you should obviously get consent first like there are many companies that provide text marketing at a very big scale.

Have a look at some examples of how you influence text message marketing:


(Photo Credit: Tatango)

Amazing deals, coupons, and discounts are excellent methods for hotels and restaurants to attract more customers.

You can also check more examples of restaurant text messaging campaigns here.

Red Box and DVD rental services accomplish an outstanding campaign also. They ask their customers to type ‘DEALS’ and send it to 727272 in return of a bet.

They would get a discount on their upcoming rental, from $0.10 to $1.50.

Almost in 10 days, they get in touch with approx 400,000 people and bring about approx 1.5 million text messages.

Like Walmart, text reminders are also helpful to complement mobile marketing.  Walmart sends a reminder to its customers when their package is ready. Till date, they have sent more than 1 billion text reminders.

Another alternative is to start a loyalty program, where customers can use their points to earn through an application or when paying via mobile phones.

98% is the opening rate of text messages and almost 90% of them are opened in between 3 minutes. Text Messaging is also an excellent option to advertise the work that you are doing.

Heyo is a tool with which you can design a giveaway that is used for mobile and it also performs well on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Still, there is one part of mobile marketing that you should completely ignore i.e. QR codes.

These images like barcodes used to appear everywhere in past years and few marketers have still trusted them, they are almost dead.

In the year 2011, only 6% of mobile phone users scanned QR codes in the US and in 2012, 97% of consumers recognize the QR code.

Particular application like Barcoo has to download, for scanning QR code.

After that, the interrelated data would open in the app, which was also not optimized for mobile phones.

Big brands also didn’t follow the framework of QR code, placing them in adverse circumstances.

So, utilize your time and money anywhere else instead of wasting your time on QR codes.



That’s the story of digital marketing. As you view, the internet is, not only the one area for the marketer to achieve success.

Definitely, nobody can bear to lose the chance of the internet, and ultimately, every marketer will need to be an online marketing expert.

Offline and Online world is clashing. Traditional appliances like fridges and billboards also rejuvenate to influence digital media.

Here is the quick overview of digital marketing again:

Online Marketing

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • PPC ( Pay-Per-Click )
  • Search Engine Marketing

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